Tablet Repairs

ITShop offers..

phone repairs in store on all major brands. We provide same day service with most repairs being carried out while you shop. For any special parts required for repair we use expediated shipping to get your device back to you as fast as possible. We offer a lifetime warranty on all mobile parts fitted.

Digitizer & LCD Screen Replacement:

Touch screen not working? Keep getting glass in your fingers? We offer touch screen and LCD replacements on most phones.

Battery Replacement:

Tablet not holding charge as well as it should? Turning off or shutting down before flat? Could be a faulty battery. Thankfully we offer replacement battery services for most tablet models.

Charging Port Issues:

Tired of trying to get the right angle to charge your tablet or it’s just not working at all? We offer charge port replacements for tablet models available. For any that require custom parts we use expediated shipping to get your device back to you as soon as possible.

Hardware or Software Diagnostic:

Unsure what’s wrong with your tablet? We offer a full diagnostic service for $69. Within this we’ll be able to determine the fault and and suggest a solution. Most software issues can be fixed with this service. If your device requires any addtional work we’ll give you a quote before going ahead.

Liquid Damage:

If your tablet has liquid damage and isnt working anymore, we can help. ITShop offers a full teardown and rebuild service. During this we clean any corrosion evident on components and offer replacment parts for any no longer working. *Note not all devices can be saved.

Insurance Reports:

Think your device is irrepairable and have insurance on it? We offer comprehensive device diagnostic and written reports, often required by most insurance providers.